PARAMIDONNA swimsuits are carefully crafted with first class italian and spanish fabrics. Each and every piece from our collections is being made with love and care for the customer. The fabrics guarantee long live for your swimwear, but here are some care instruction you need to follow in order to keep your bathing suit beautiful and clean:

  • Gentle hand wash with warm water and soap
  • To dry, squeeze off excess water or delicate spin
  • Avoid drying in direct sunlight  
  • Do not iron
  • Avoid oils and tinted sunscreen especially if the bathing suit has special decorations such as feathers, pearls and others.
  • Avoid rough surfaces 
  • Do not pack when wet

 Care for your one size swimsuit:

Our swimwear from the one size line are made of delicate fabric. Please be aware not to scratch your swimsuit with nails or something sharp. The other care instructions are also valid for the one size bathing suits.