Our history..

PARAMIDONNA is a high-end swimwear and beachwear brand established in 2015 and created by the talented designer Donika Ancheva. The brand name is a mixture of Italian and Spanish language and translated in English means "for my woman" as it holds the message for something intimate and personal made above all with love. PARAMIDONNA captures the essence of the woman`s wild nature and then transforms it into exclusive, aesthetic and contemporary swimwear and beachwear designs.

Our inspiration..

We get inspired by the exotic places around the world, bright and lively colors, foreign cultures and people. Every collection takes you to a journey with its characteristic theme, impressive prints, exceptional handmade details and trend colors. We ensure the quality of the designs by manufacturing each piece carefully and working with first class fabrics and superior materials only.

Our mission..

Our mission is highlighting women’s beautiful curves and their confidence because PARAMIDONNA creates designs for every type of female. We redefine swimwear by alluring fashion interpretations within the context of our modern times. From Ibiza, Mykonos and Saint Tropez to the most exotic islands we take care of our women and make them feel outstanding.

What we have accomplished..

PARAMIDONNA designs have been featured in some of the most prestigious fashion publications such as VOGUE UK, VOGUE RUSSIA, L’officiel, Switch Magazine Sposa, The Italian Reve, Brides Magazine, BerlinIb, GRAZIA and others. The brand participated in one of the biggest forums in the swimwear world - MIAMI SWIM WEEK with a runway show. In the summer of 2019 we were a part of the annual parisian forum dedicated to swimwear: UNIQUE BY MODE CITY.