Summer Trends 2020

Summer is in full swing and the sea is calling out! Time to slip into your favorite swimsuit and head to the beach, or perhaps take an afternoon to sunbathe on your balcony or in the backyard. Though 2020 has brought many unusual challenges, there’s no reason not to look trendy and feel glamorous in your bikini! Let’s count down the hottest swimsuit trends for summer 2020! 

Bold, bolder, the boldest!

It seems that neon colors have been on trend since forever now, and in 2020 they’re here to stay! Summer is the season best-suited for bold color choices and many swimwear brands and designers have shown an affinity for attention-grabbing colors. Our first drop from the CANDY SHOP collection at PARAMIDONNA is all about bright colors and youthful energy! From neon green, to highlighter pink and a bright, electrifying blue, these swimsuits are sure to turn heads at the beach all summer long! 

Not your grandma’s floral

Florals with a vintage twist seem to be all the rage right now! From prints that reference 70’s style, or ones that remind us of grandma’s kitschy curtains, to ones inspired by the iconic Versace prints that reigned supreme in the 90’s, print designers everywhere are giving us a blast from the past. THE NEW VENUS collection here at PARAMIDONNA offers several different iterations of an intricate print, inspired by the famous Botticelli painting and a touch of vintage Versace glamour. The elegant flowers, pearls, and seashells printed on swimsuits, headbands and scrunchies, and even delicate chiffon beachwear create a refreshing, summery mood.


Shiny, glossy textures are a classic in swimwear, but this year there’s more variety than ever! From a sleek, leather-like look (as seen on our KAYA swimsuit) to a truly eye-catching sparkly high shine (like NORA, OLIVIA, and other swimsuits from our collection THE NEW VENUS), you’re gonna want to razzle and dazzle, whether you’re on the beach, at the pool, or getting some much-needed sun on your balcony. If you prefer a more classic, satin finish, consider our beach sets in black, mint, pink, or white, which pair nicely with any swimsuit to create an elegant, luxurious look.


High-waisted bikini bottoms are another blast from the past and they’ve secured a spot as an evergreen swimwear trend. They’re a staple at PARAMIDONNA! You can find them in various prints, textures, colors, and cuts and for good reason: they suck in your tummy and highlight your waist to create an hourglass silhouette, making them just the right combination of no-fuss and glamorous!

For a colorful and flirty look, try KIM or KYLIE from our new selection of one-size swimsuits. And to really hone in on that elegant, vintage feel, check out the OLIVIA or LADY VENUS bikini from THE NEW VENUS collection!

Textured details

Rope, beads, feathers - anything that breaks up the classic swimsuit formula and adds texture and variety is in this summer! At PARAMIDONNA we’re offering a truly luxurious take on this trend - ostrich feathers across the bandeau top and at the end of elastic ties on the bottom of the SONYA bikini. Feathers may be a bit of an unusual element, but for those ladies who can pull it off, they’re sure to make a statement! Another unusual addition we’re offering as part of THE NEW VENUS collection is pearls! Their elegant, classy look can make any woman feel like a princess at the beach!

Girly ruffles

Ruffles: big or small, on tops and bottoms alike, in the same fabric and color as the swimsuit or in a contrasting one - they’re here to add a girly touch to swimwear this summer! At PARAMIDONNA you can find them large, luxurious, and high-shine on the NORA bikini, or small and dainty on KYLIE in blue gum and KIM in strawberry. And in that same vein, the cute matching scrunchies that we offer with our swimsuits are a way to add a ruffle in your hair and truly own the trend!

The tiniest straps

Super thin straps are everywhere this summer and we can see why: their minimal coverage makes tanning easier, and they look both elegant and contemporary. Thin straps are used across various PARAMIDONNA designs in matching elastic string (like for the MISS VENUS bikini, LADY VENUS one piece, or the OLIVIA bikini) or in the swimsuit fabric (seen in the KAYA swimsuit) to make getting a golden tan with minimal tan lines a breeze!


Asymmetry and one-shoulder designs have been trending outside of swimwear, so why not incorporate that trend into your beach look as well? Thin or wide, the single shoulder strap creates a very modern look and adds a bit of edge even to elegant designs. Add a bow tie, like in our OLIVIA bikini for a girly touch, or go for a simpler, athletic design with a wide strap for support with our MOLLY and STASSIE swimsuits. 

Comfort is beautiful!

Though trends are all well and good, at the end of the day what makes you beautiful is being comfortable in your own skin. A swimsuit that fits well and flatters your body may be just the push of confidence you need to achieve that! Rather than fussing about sizing, consider trying out a one-size swimsuit. The special, super stretchy fabric, which has been taking the swimwear fashion world by storm can fit sizes XS through XL. It doesn’t dig into your skin, is breathable, and doesn’t become see-through when wet, making wearing these swimsuits easy as cake! The CANDY SHOP collection at Paramidonna combines comfort with the “bold color” trend for a look that feels good both to look at and to wear!

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of all the trends for swimwear in 2020, you can go off and be the belle of the ball - or rather, beach. Stay safe, stay stylish, and enjoy the summer!