4 things you should have in mind while looking for bikini

  1. Always keep in mind that the size you are usually buying for clothes might differ from the one for swimwear.
    Why is that? Very often the swim fabrics might be a little too tight which means that you may need one or two sizes larger than what you are used to. It should not worry you, it really depends on the cut and the material.

  2. Be mindful to look for one size swimwear if possible.
    One size means highly elastic and comfortable. If you have never tried one, then maybe it is time to do that! There is a variety of bright colors and designs on the market, you should just find out the perfect for your body figure. PARAMIDONNA also offers a special one size line, which we also suggest you to see.
  3. Consider the purpose you are buying the swimsuit for.
    It is important to know if you need a swimsuit for swimming or a boat party. You have plenty of options to choose from, but first think of your current need. Look for minimal coverage providing optimal tan, but also never forget to bring a good old classic one piece with you wherever you go. We recommend you considering more extravagant designs for special occasions and not necessarily for every day beach usage.

  4. Not only the black color makes you look slimmer
    It is actually an interesting fact that many of you ladies prefer the black color when you feel insecure about your look. We definitely suggest you trying on swimsuits with colorful prints on them for you might be surprised how well they shape and flatter your figure. One shoulder swimsuits with floral elements or vertical stripes for example will do just fine.

Do not shy away from experimenting when it comes to swimwear and feel free to browse through our online store.